Toddler Tunes (age 2-3.5) 45 minutes weekly lesson


The Toddler Tunes program provides a strong basis for future musical involvement. It is the first step in Harmony Road’s layered curriculum design. Tots learn through experiencing melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic concepts in their singing, activity songs, movement and rhythm activities, finger plays, and active keyboard games. Many songs that appear in later Harmony Road books as piano/keyboard solos and ensembles were first experienced with movement, singing and rhythm activities in the Toddler Tunes series.


Parents/caregivers share in making music with their child in class and are guided to continue daily musical activities at home. Toddler Tunes provides a wonderful bonding opportunity for parent and child and the motivating music makes it fun for the whole family.


A wide variety of musical styles are introduced in the Toddler Tunes series – traditional children’s songs, folk songs (from varied cultures), melodies from the classics, even ragtime, jazzy, and Broadway styles. A variety of meters are explored to help children develop their natural rhythmic pulse. Recent brain research has shown that children who feel a steady pulse are much more likely to become good readers. Exposure to a wide range of key centers and modes provides a strong ear training basis for later playing and creative activities.

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