MSC is a fantastic learning center for beginning and advanced musical students. My daughter, now 11 years old, has had the pleasure of attending Michael Silva’s ukulele and guitar lessons for the past 6 years.  She started out playing the baritone ukulele and now focuses on the classical guitar. She looks forward to her lessons, enjoys practicing and readying for sessions, even likes doing all the necessary repetition homework to refine pieces, and has even grown more comfortable playing for audiences (whereby she was petrified in the beginning).  She has more recently joined the guitar orchestra, under Michael’s conductorship. My daughter’s passion for the guitar and music is a testament to Michael’s enthusiastic teaching style, patience, and understanding of each individual’s unique goals and needs. Michael’s love of guitar and music is simply contagious, and it’s passed along to his students. Even in these unprecedented COVID times, Michael truly makes the most of each remote distance learning teleconference session – simply amazing. It is so exciting to watch my daughter, as well as others, continue to develop the talents that they will have forever in their lives, and share it with others. Thank you, MSC and Michael! ~ T. L.

Hi Laura!
I know we don’t thank you enough for all you have done to bring music into our house so THANK YOU for all your work with Carter - we LOVE hearing him play all these years and to watch and listen to him work our songs! 
But it’s more than that, Alex our older daughter you may remember, skipped off to Guitar on the foundation from you!  She too is an impressive guitarist!  Now they often “doodle” in music together!  I love hearing them play and talk music!
Music stream’s method of listen, sing, play most certainly caught their ears in time for them to be close to perfect pitch!  I swear they both can tune instruments and name notes on nearly any instrument- even a ukelele!  It’s amazing to me!
I dusted off a music theory workbook from one summer and carter is helping me.  We were in melodic harmonic notes and I didn’t believe we did 5ths in “Grandpa’s Rock” from Keyboard Prep 1 so we pulled them out and had fun playing those songs and reminiscing!  Of course Carter was able to “dress up” Ode to Joy from Book 1!
Anyway music for all 3 of us is a lifelong journey and you and Music Steam opened the door!
Thank you so much!  We hope you (all) are well and weathering the isolation!
~ Tony Herrera


Dear Mr. Silva: 

I wish to express my support for continuing Davis Community Guitar Orchestra programs in Davis. It is a valuable and rare experience with music, especially acoustic guitar, and classical style. It has helped me renew and explore my guitar in ways that I had lost touch with over recent years. It is especially worthwhile because I have been able to play with others of all ages and a wide variety of skills and accomplishments. Participation in the program has reintroduced me to a way of playing music with other people while learning a bit more about the classical style. It has impacted me by renewing my interest in and experiences with the guitar. Playing good music with others is the most satisfying personal experience which helps me understand and communicate with other people I hadn't know before. ~ D. Steven Blake


Hi Huei-Ping!

I just wanted to stop and express my heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you and your incredible guitar staff. Michael Silva has been a fantastic uke and guitar teacher for Kaytlin (now 9 yrs old). Her experience couldn’t be better, and her love of the guitar just continues to grow and grow. When Michael said he would be on a long vacation (a well-deserved vacation, by the way), …I was a little concerned but I trusted he would find a good backup. As expected, Kaytlin has had a great experience with Matt Foley; he stepped up to the plate immediately, picking up where Michael left off on lessons and has been outstanding. Michael and Matt have different personalities and slightly different teaching styles, but it was a quick adjustment for Kaytlin. Both teachers are effective, the kids continue to learn, and more importantly, my girl’s love of music and guitar continue to grow. We are very much looking forward to having Michael back but just wanted to let you know that Matt has been great. : ) I really appreciate the time and care that you put into ensuring your onboard knowledgeable staff, musically talented (in their own right), and amazing educators! Thank you so much!   ~ Tamie Lebar

The Music Stream Center (MSC) introduced our 5-year-old daughter to both the piano and violin through group lessons and private lessons. The group lessons kept students engaged and interested in both the theory and application of music through several hands-on exercises during each session. The private lessons provided great flexibility in the structure and organization of each lesson so that our daughter could continue to refine and grow her musical abilities on a weekly basis. At the conclusion of each semester, the students showcase their newly obtained skills at a well-organized recital in front of friends and family. We had a great pleasure and opportunity to work with a number of the highly qualified instructors at MSC including Monica Zarate, Bernadette Mondok, and Mica Phan. Monica and Bernadette led the four-part Harmony Road series of group piano courses. Bernadette's high energy, a strong background in piano, and genuine interest for each of her students is immediately recognizable when you meet her. She regularly goes the extra mile for her students by tailoring and developing individualized lesson plans for each of her students. Mica introduced our daughter to the violin and we were similarly satisfied. Mica has a great ability to teach young children the proper technique and posture for violin through her patience and expertise. Our daughter had a strong bond with each of the instructors at MSC that continues to this day. The instructors provided our daughter with the confidence, knowledge, and enjoyment to play a number of challenging instruments in a welcoming and friendly environment that has established a solid foundation of music for her.  We recently moved away from Davis and we sincerely miss the quality of the MSC instructors. We give MSC our highest recommendations! ~ Adrian & Natasha


Music Stream Center is a wonderful place to learn piano. My daughter, Olive, started from zero early this year and now, she can't stop playing piano in the house. Her love for music (especially piano) grows tremendously and I believe it's due to the love, dedication and skills of the Director, teachers, and staff at the Music Stream Center. Ms. Bernadette is Olive's piano teacher. She is an amazing teacher: talented, attentive, patient, caring, fun, and tough (she knows when you don't practice enough). Olive thinks the world of her. A piano student myself (long ago), I used to think piano lessons were daunting and sometimes downright scary. But Ms. Bernadette has proven me wrong. Olive rates going to the piano lesson as high as going to get ice cream! I have a feeling Ms. Bernadette has a lot to do with it.  ~Yoerina Yee

 "Over the past 12 years, Huei-Ping has been an excellent piano teacher for my son and two daughters. Not only have they received a strong musical background, but also she has been instrumental in instilling in them a continued love of music. She has the special ability to maintain high expectations, yet teach them all the while with a positive attitude. She really gets to know each child, understands his/her individual needs, and tailors her teaching accordingly."  ~Regina Chu

"Nicholas has a fantastic experience with music. We appreciate all the effort that his teacher, Melanie, put in."  ~Michelle Cheng

My youngest son, Daniel, began taking group lessons at the Music Stream when he was two. My initial expectation was that it would be a fun way to spend 45 min., but I was soon surprised by the breadth of the program. Each musical skill taught had been carefully broken down and integrated into finger games and singing. Having a pianist in the family I recognized that the finger games we played were for correct hand shape on the piano, the songs we sang were teaching the C scale, and the movement games were teaching rhythm and note values. By the end of the first year my son was able to play a scale in a recital, and after the next session he was playing simple songs and writing notes.
The enthusiasm and energy of the teachers particularly inspiring, especially when dealing with the idiosyncratic behaviors of preschoolers. The children used their whole body in their early learning, acting out the songs and throwing chiffon scarves or jumping through hoops. Occasionally Daniel would not feel like participating in the class, but this never bothered the teacher who cheerfully would continue to invite him to join in. Later, to my surprize, he would sing the songs and do the games by himself at home; clearly, he had been paying attention. I would highly recommend this program to any parent interested in giving their child a firm musical foundation. The carefully structured program provides an excellent base from which to begin a love and understanding of music in all its forms.
 ~Heather Smith

Wonderful place to learn music. The teachers are top notch, the administration(Rowena) is very responsive and the owner Huei-Ping is very attentive at including many wonderful learning experiences. We have been extremely happy. Going on 4 years of lessons for child and adult.  ~Terence D.

Our 15-year-old is a near genius at the piano after ten years of Music Stream Center. Huei-Ping's enthusiasm and skill far surpassed our expectations. ~Aaron F.

Computer Lab

"The computer programs in the lab are really helpful to me, especially the ear training activities. The Essentials of Music Theory also helped me improve my scores on the Certificate of Merit test, and taught me additional things that weren't in my theory book. It is great to be able to learn theory and ear training with such interactive programs that are also fun! In addition to learning new concepts, I also learned about different composers and styles. The Computer Lab is very helpful and has taught me a lot." ~Gunjari Raychaudhuri

"I think Theory is awesome! Except sometimes I get totally frustrated and quitting is the only thing I could think of. Later I realize that it was not me who was acting stupid. It was my brain that told me to say that I should call myself stupid. I could really tell that being mad doesn't help at all. i know better that if I don't get frustrated and throw a tantrum, I do WAY better when I am doing my theory. So if you want to do theory, be sure not to throw a big tantrum. If you do, calm down, always smile when your doing theory and always say, I LOVE THEORY!" ~Anonymous

"Computer theory helped me a lot with CM tests and ear training. PBJ was very helpful and Sibelius was, too, because Sibelius taught me to recognize different instruments. Computer theory helped because it was easy to understand. It also gave me interesting activities to practice with. In all, computer theory helped increase my scores in CM because it is fun and easy to learn."  ~Eugenea

"The computer programs in the lab are really helpful to me, especially the ear training activates. The Essentials of Music Theory also helped me improve my scores on the Certificate of Merit test, and taught me additional things that weren’t in my theory book. It’s great to be able to learn theory and ear training with such interactive programs that are also fun! In addition to learning new concepts, I also learned about different composers and styles. The computer lab is very helpful and has taught me a lot." ~ Gunjari Raychaudhuri

"The computer lab helped me a lot with CM tests and ear training. PBJ was very helpful and Sibelius was too because Sibelius taught me to recognize different instruments. The computer programs helped because they are easy to understand and also gave me interesting activities to practice with. In all, the computer lab helped increase my score in CM because it is fun and easy to learn." ~ Eugenea Raychaudhuri

Group Classes

"My twin 4thgraders started group lessons at Music Stream Center when they were in 1stgrade. They looked forward to each exciting and fun-filled class and I was impressed with the piano skills they were learning. The classes instilled in them an appreciation of music which has led to their continued enthusiasm for the piano while exploring other instruments- one is now taking violin lessons and the other, cello lessons. We love Music Stream Center and their teachers, Henna and Huei-Ping!"  --Cannie Hertz


"I would recommend the group class program because it has increased my daughter's confidence not only in learning how to read and play the music but it has also helped her do an excellent job in her academics as well." ~Anonymous

"Miss Laura is a great teacher. She is very experienced and has a good combination of friendliness and high expectations. She wants the kids and parents to continue to improve while making us feel we have already accomplished a lot. My 5-year-old child is learning to play the piano, read, and sing in joyful ways." ~Xiaoling Shu

"My daughter has made wonderful progress in Music Stream Center's group class program. We first bought her a $50 electronic piano because we didn't want to invest too much money in something she might not follow through on. This year when my child started Harmony Road book 3 we bought an upright piano. This is a measure of our confidence in her continued success with the program. She has learned to read music, sing solfege, and has gained the discipline to practice every day." ~Anonymous

"This is an outstanding program of education. The people at Music Stream truly understand music education, teaching the children to total musicianship, training their ears to understand basic music theory while learning basic piano technique at the same time. I would highly recommend the group classes as an introduction to the piano for children." ~Dan Smith

"I like playing the piano together with my classmates and my teacher!" ~Anonymous Student

"The Harmony Road Music Course teaches children music in an age-appropriate and fun way~ for both kids and parents!" ~Anonymous

"I like hearing the songs that I have practiced at home in class. The songs sound really good when we play together. I have 5 new friends that I look forward to seeing each week." ~Anonymous Student

"We started from Harmony Road book 1 and we like the group class style because it encourages the student to practice. My daughter's favorite part is playing with different instruments and dancing in a circle. She also enjoys solo time and recitals." ~Anonymous

"It has been a lot of fun learning piano with my kids. Miss Laura is great and the group setting is great for support. We love MSC!" ~Shar Katz

"The Harmony Road Course is a great program for beginners and young students. The songs are great for learning melody and ear training, along with sight reading and singing. The group class setting fosters the social development and the kids have fun with each other and their parents while dancing and singing. I would highly recommend Harmony Road to incoming students." ~Jerry O'Neill