Student Awards 2012


Classical Masters Music Festival Piano Competition


Jessica Yeung

In June 2012, 12 year old Jessica won first place in the second annual piano competition.  Jessica began piano lessons at the age of 4 at Music Stream Center.  


Watch video here:


CAPMT Contemporary Festival

Taiga Sekizawa

Taiga Sekizawa won his division of CAPMT Contemporary Festival.


Watch his winning performance here:


MTAC Composers Today Recital

 Kohlin Sekizawa


Watch video here of Divertimento composed by Kohlin Sekizawa (12 years old):



Music From Home 

Alexander Di, Eugenea Raychaudhuri


Festival of New American Music

  2nd place: Eugenea Raychaudhuri 


Spanish Festival Awards November


Trophy: Chloe Barr, Maya Brandy, Esther Chan, Erin Cheng, Evelyn Cheng, Alexander Di, Claire Hayes, Max Hayes, Teresa Lee, Eugenea Raychaudhuri, Emi Sorensen, Connor Tang, Kayla Xu, David Zhang, Zoe Poppenga

Medal: Emily Bolander, Nicholas Cheng, Cecilia Dugyon, Julian Grim, Alejandro Johnson, Maya Krishnan, Madison Ormsby, Edward Zhu,

Ribbon: Mia Poppenga, Daniel Zhu






 *Maya Brandy with trophy




Piano Competition

Makena Leacox

Makena began Music in Me group classes at age 3.  She continued through Music in Me, Harmony Road, and Keyboard Musician classes until age 6, when she began to take private piano lessons.

 Watch video here:

Taiga Sekizawa

At age 8, Taiga performed at the Eighth Annual West Coast Ragtime Piano Festival.

For the 2012 35th Annual Festival of New American Music, Young Festival Performers Competition, he performed "Happy Birthday Rag." 

Watch video here: