Music Stream Center Private Lesson Tuition & Fees Chart


The school year runs from August 22nd, 2020 through August 20th, 2021 with open enrollment throughout the year.

2020-2021 school year: August 22nd, 2020 ~ August 20th, 2021 

Lessons are scheduled on a year-round basis.  Tuition is based on 47 lessons per year.  

The monthly tuition is a flat fee regardless of the number of lessons per month.  You don’t pay less in months you have 3 lessons nor more in months with 4 or 5 lessons.  See MSC policy for details.




The MSC program is designed for students and families who are looking for a customized program tailored to their individual studying pace and interests. 30-minute Lab time is a standard option that is included with all the private lesson tuition.  Students have the option to participate in events throughout the year including recitals, festivals, auditions, master classes, and competitions, with the opportunity to earn certificates, ribbons, medals and trophies.

For more serious students, we offer preparation for the Music Teachers’ Association in California (MTAC) Certificate of Merit (CM) exam (for piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, harp and oboe and other woodwind instruments), MSC Guitar evaluation, and the National Piano Guild audition.

30-minute private lesson  -- $136/month

45-minute private lesson  -- $196/month

60-minute private lesson  -- $256/month

One Month Trial Lessons


We offer new students the option of 4 trial lessons with no upfront registration fees.  Students will have the option to enroll for the remainder of the school year after the trial lessons.  30-minute Lab time is a standard option included with all trial lessons.

Four 30-minute private lessons -- $140;     Four 45-minute private lessons -- $210;     Four 60-minute private lessons -- $280


Enrollment Fee: $30 per new student upon the first registration.  (Exception: Trial Lessons)

Annual Studio Fee: $50 per student enrolling for lessons.

Family Tuition Discount: The first child in a family enrolled in the program will be charged regular tuition; each additional child from the same family will receive $10 off. (Discounts can NOT be stackable or combined; highest value discount will apply)

Second Instrument Discount:  Students who enroll in two or more instrument lessons receive $15 off each of the lesser value lessons. (Discounts can NOT be stackable or combined; highest value discount will apply)

Military Discount: Military families get a 10% off of monthly tuition. (Discounts can NOT be stackable or combined; highest value discount will apply)

Referral Credit: $50 credit given for referring a new family to MSC (group class or private lesson). The credit is applied to the referring student’s tuition only after the referral has paid for and completed one month of regular lessons.

Payment Methods: Automatic Credit/Debit Card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express) or Automatic Debit (e-check, withdrawal from your bank account).

Late Fee: $10 will apply to an outstanding balance unpaid by the 10th of the month; then an additional $10 will be added for each month thereafter.

Non-Sufficient Fund Fee: $30 for each failed payment transaction.

Tutoring: If students need additional assistance with practicing at home, you may contact the MSC director at 530-220-2857 for information on tutors.